Oh Hello Freak!Prussia where did you come from?

He’s a little robo-boy yes he is! He didn’t start that way. Parts of him kept getting chopped off or broken so they were replaced with robotic bits. He updates himself one piece at a time, but he gets distracted from maintenance  so he constantly has a patched together look.

He can hardly hold himself together. A mouse lives in his shoulder and chews through the wires of his arm often, making it fall off. And Gilbird cleared out most of his head for a nest. Gilbert wouldn’t dream of making them leave. They’re his little friends ; u ;

He does still have some of his human parts, and one of his favorite pass times is throwing his once vital organs at his brother. He has no hair of his own left, so he’ll steal locks of hair from Ludwig and stitch himself makeshift wigs

He’s a motherfucking cutie

Freaktalia is Nessa’s thing?

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